ZEC Abrasive Discs

Bestons are the sole importer of genuine ZEC abrasive discs.
ZEC Silicon Carbide discs are made for grinding concrete, fibreglass, paint, masonry and non-ferrous metals. ZEC Aluminium Oxide discs Are also available for grinding steel and stainless steel. We stock all the abrasives you need or can source them for you.
Original ZEC discs are quality European made discs and last much longer than cheap imitations.

Contact us today to discuss which ZEC abrasive disc products best suit your requirements.

Bestons also import these quality abrasives:

  • Bestflex, Bestcut, Bestflap, Bestrip, Bestec
  • as well as being stockist distributors and suppliers of:
  • Flexovit, Norton, Pferd, 3M, SIA, Hermes
    & Klingspor.

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ZEC Plastic discs ("PC")

zec plastic abrasive discs

Heavy duty semi flexible plastic discs:

  • Are flat and plastic-backed
  • Need no backing pad
  • Feel light but aggressive
  • Operate with less vibration
  • Last longer and cut faster
  • Are perforated to prevent overheating
  • Can be used in wet areas and underwater

ZEC plastic-backed abrasive discs are for grinding and dressing metals.

ZEC Semiflex discs ("SC")

zec semiflex abrasive discs

Sharp Silicon Carbide semi-flexible discs:

  • Have heavy duty 2mm fibre backing
  • Require a proper backing pad (ZEC Support)
  • Are very aggressive and long lasting
  • Semi flexible* to deaden vibrations
  • Have perforations to prevent overheating
  • Come in flat and domed shaped discs

*Note: flexibility appears only after a few minutes of revolution.

ZEC semiflex discs can grind and smooth marble & granite, grind & sand fibreglass, or clean ships before painting.

ZEC Flexible discs

zec flexible double-coated abrasive discs

Double-coated for outstanding efficiency:

  • 0.8mm fibre backing
  • Requires a proper double-coated support backing pad
  • Coated with 2 overlapping abrasive layers
  • Star-shaped centre hole to prevent curling
  • Cooled by multiple pinholes
  • Produces excellent smoothing performance
  • Long lasting

ZEC Flexible discs are good for smoothing marble and granite.

For more detail visit zec.com

using zec plastic discs to clean propeller using zec semiflex abrasive disc to grind welds on a ship using zec semiflex disc to sand and smooth fibreglass


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