L.D. Beston supplies clutches and brakes for use in the Mining industry, Oil & Gas, Metalworking, Can Making, Paper, Grinding and Marine applications. Bestons distributes US-based Eaton Airflex and German-manufactured Ortlinghaus to provide a range of superior quality products. Contact us today to discuss which product best suits your industrial power transmission requirements.

The range includes:

L.D. Beston represents

Eaton Airflex logo


Ortlinghaus logo
Eaton Airflex industrial clutches and brakes

Bestons are Australian distributors of industrial clutches and brakes from respected US company Eaton Airflex.


Ortlinghaus specialty pneumatically actuated clutch-brake unit

Bestons are Australian distributors of industrial brake and clutch components from a leading specialist in the industry, Ortlinghaus of Germany. These quality products are used in industry worldwide.


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