T-Line Three Phase Industrial Vacuums

Bestons supply a range of industrial air cleaners, dust extractors and pre-separators manufactured by respected Swedish company Pullman Ermator AB.
These T-Line Three Phase Dust Extractors / Industrial Vacuums offer the highest-rated H13 HEPA filtering system as standard. They can manage quartz grinding dust, asbestos and demolition material, with a safe removal system.

L.D. Beston is the sole Australian importer for these Ermator lines and has distributors in all states of Australia.

L.D. Beston proudly imports

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Ermator T4000 Dust Extractor Ermator T4000 accessories Ermator T6000 Dust Extractor Ermator T6000 accessories Ermator T7500 Dust Extractor Ermator T7500 accessories Ermator T8600 Dust Extractor Ermator T8600 accessories Ermator T11000 Dust Extractor Ermator T11000 accessories

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