L.D. Beston is the sole Australian agent for Von Arx of Switzerland,
with distributors throughout Australia.
Whether you're after quality pneumatic needle scalers or scabblers,
chisel hammers and scrapers, or large surface preparation machines
call us today to discuss which product best suits your requirements.

The range includes:

L.D. Beston, agent for

Von Arx logo
Von Arx pneumatic decaler needle gun

Bestons supply a range of Von Arx pneumatic descaling tools to remove dirt, rust, weld slag, etc. Available with 2, 3 or 4mm needles to suit any surface.


Von Arx pneumatic scabbler

Our pneumatic scabblers from Von Arx will quickly remove concrete laitance, projections, scale deposits, rust, etc.


Von Arx chisel hammers and scrapers

Pneumatic chisel hammers and scrapers from Von Arx are ideal for removing carpet and plaster,
chiselling out joints and pointing masonry.


Von Arx surface preparation machine

Von Arx surface preparation machines can remove pavement markings, and roughen, groove and clean surfaces on any size job.

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